Makers Market Participant Guide

Vendor Packing List

Vendors must provide their own tables, displays, and fixtures — only space is provided. Electricity is not provided and generators will not be permitted. Vendors are required to have their own 10'x10' canopy tent. If a vendor does not have a tent, one can be rented for $185 if specified in the application form or upon request by September 1st. 

Booth Essentials


  • Portable 10x10 tent
  • Tent weights
  • Portable tables
  • Shelving/display items
  • Chair or stool 
  • Payment methods (cash box, change, credit card scanner)


Recommended Supplies


  • Table covers
  • Risers
  • Promotional materials (business cards, signage)
  • Clamps and binder clips 
  • Battery powered lights
  • Packaging (bags and/or boxes, tissue paper, etc.)
  • Tools (scissors, string, duct tape)
  • Transport dolly and inventory containers

Booth set up and tear down


The market will begin setting up at 8:00 AM. Booths should be ready and set up no later than 10:45 AM. Vehicles are permitted in the market area only to load and unload materials. To prevent vehicle congestion, please limit unloading time to 15 minutes. No vehicles other than food trucks will be permitted within the market space after 10:00 AM so participants should be prepared to transport supplies on foot or by cart.

Vendors are responsible for their booth tear down and clean up. Failure to pick up all materials by the end of the event will result in the forfeiture of the participant’s deposit.