About Downtown San Leandro Community Benefit District

The Downtown San Leandro CBD was formed in 2013 to support a vibrant downtown district. Supported primarily by property owners, the CBD is administered by the San Leandro Improvement Association (SLIA), a non-profit 501(c)3 with an all-volunteer board of directors. Under the direction of the Board, the CBD provides enhanced amenities, cleaning, safety, and marketing services.

The CBD includes approximately thirty whole or partial blocks with 199 parcels and is generally bounded by Alvarado Street on the west, on Santa Rosa Street on the east, the San Leandro Creek on the north and Castro Street on the south. It excludes single family and condominium residences.

District Maintenance:

Block by Block

Beginning in 2021, Downtown San Leandro CBD contracted with Block by Block to provide Environmental Maintenance Services in downtown:

  • Removal of Litter and Debris
  • Removal of handbills, stickers, posters
  • Power Washing – hot spots and bio-hazard
  • Watering Services – of the CBD’s planters
  • Graffiti removal from public property
  • Weed Control
  • Illegal Dumping – working with the city to remove illegal dumping
  • Special Projects & limited landscaping
  • Assistance to merchants impacted by unsheltered individuals

District Safety:

Block by Block

In December of 2021, the Downtown San Leandro CBD launched a two-year pilot Safety Ambassador program funded primarily through an agreement with the City of San Leandro. Block by Block provides the following Safety and Hospitality Services in the core of the downtown:

  • Hospitality information to visitors
  • Merchant assistance with unsheltered individuals
  • Reporting suspicious vehicles and individuals
  • Reporting safety hazards
  • De-escalation of non-emergency situations
  • Addressing public nuisances such as public drinking and smoking
  • Wellness checks and distribution of donated food to unsheltered neighbors
cleaning Ambassador


Ambassador Services can be requested through the Helpline seven days a week from 7 a.m. to approximately 9 p.m.

(415) 404 8463


Matthew Mayo, Operations Manager


The Downtown San Leandro CBD collaborates with other organizations and individuals to preserve the historic nature of downtown sites while also engaging the community in discovering San Leandro's unique historical past.


District Safety Ambassador teams provide friendly assistance to visitors and merchants seven days a week. The district also provides improved amenities such as plaza tables and chairs, "smart" garbage receptacles, and public art.


In addition to deploying Cleaning Ambassadors daily, the district beautifies downtown public spaces with landscaping improvements, unique street banners, and sustainable planters.