The San Leandro Improvement Association’s maintenance team are easily identified by their bright red uniform shirts, hats and safety-green vests; which include the logo of Downtown San Leandro. 

To report a maintenance issue in the public right-of-way, please call: 


Downtown San Leandro Logo Placard

The association support current events and projects in the downtown district and will be working on bringing new activities and events to San Leandro’s downtown in an effort to bring the community together.

District Map


The San Leandro Improvement Association (SLIA):

The San Leandro Improvement Association (SLIA) is a non-profit 501(c)(3) corporation that’s run by a board consisting of property owners, residents, community members and businesses. The SLIA board members advocate on behalf of the public’s benefit in the areas of public safety, beautification, economic development, maintenance and promotions, all while preserving and reviving the historic value of the San Leandro downtown district.


The SLIA focuses on maintaining the cleanliness of the downtown district with its dedicated maintenance staff that works seven days a week to ensure the appearance of the downtown district is upheld.


The association is always actively making decisions based off of its members’ best interest and taking on new projects from additional community events to new building design review within the downtown district—all in an effort to create a lively, safe and beautiful downtown.


The San Leandro Improvement Association activates public spaces and plazas within the district boundaries with beautification elements and new developments to enhance the open spaces within the downtown area.

District Map