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In Spring 2017, the SLIA District Identity & Streetscape Improvement Committee commissioned the Stepping Stones Growth Center Artful Steps Program to design 3 mosaic tile planter facades to be installed on 3 existing concrete planters in Downtown San Leandro. Each facade design was modeled after a different scene from San Leandro’s past, chronicling the City’s diverse history in colorful tiled displays that would enhance the downtown walking experience while further substantiating the SLIA’s commitment to expanding Downtown San Leandro’s public art portfolio.

In Spring 2018, Artful Steps program facilitators successfully installed 3 tiled facades on the concrete planters at the W. Juana Ave./E. 14th intersection, greatly enhancing the aesthetic of these corner planters and creating a work of art that inspires pride in our community. With this initial success, the SLIA hopes to inspire other stakeholders to step forward in sponsoring one or several of the remaining 9 concrete planters to support the further enhancement of Downtown San Leandro’s walking experience!

If you’re interested in sponsoring a mosaic planter, please complete the below application and send to with the subject title “Mosaic Planter Sponsorship”.

Mosaic Planter Project Contract
Downtown Concrete Planters Locations
Planter Sponsor Letter
Sponsor Application Form