On The Move

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SLIA Moves to Casa Peralta

Located at the corner of W. Estudillo and Clarke St., Casa Peralta represents the historic and cultural legacy of San Leandro. Originally built in 1901, the Casa today plays host to a variety of guests and events, with the relocating of the San Leandro Improvement Association (SLIA) offices to the site being just the latest addition to this iconic estate. From this new location, SLIA plans to continue to enhance and activate public spaces around the Downtown area, including placing more tables and chairs in and around the Casa estate, as well as bringing Public Wifi to the grounds in March 2016. The Casa has been integral in preserving San Leandro’s past, and will too play an essential role in shaping its future.

Downtown Free Public Wi-Fi

In July 2015, The City of San Leandro held a public gathering to launch its free public high-speed wireless Internet, which covers a four-block radius of downtown. The network, dubbed “SL Wi-Fiber,” is made possible by the Lit San Leandro fiber-optic loop, a public-private partnership between the City and Dr. Patrick Kennedy which provides Downtown San Leandro with what is expected to be one of the fastest public wireless networks in the Bay Area. 

Recognizing the inherent value this fiber-optic loop brings to our community, the SLIA is collaborating with the City of San Leandro to expand this public wireless network throughout the downtown corridor, with the Casa Peralta being the latest location to host the SL Wi-Fiber network in the downtown district. 

Public Space Beautification

Great destinations have great public spaces, and for the San Leandro Improvement Association, our downtown plazas are ground zero for our public space development vision and strategy.

Recognizing that the downtown already has excellent public spaces, the SLIA strives to improve these spaces with simple enhancements such as movable tables and chairs as well as seasonal flower planters with the idea that if you build thoughtful, manicured public spaces, the community will activate them for you.

Of course, as with any public space project, the design of a public area is only as good as its mechanism of maintenance, as even the most picturesque plaza can fall into disrepair without regular stewardship. To this end, the SLIA prioritizes the daily sweeping and cleaning of our downtown plazas and district sidewalks to ensure that whenever members of the community do visit downtown, they have the best experience possible.