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2018 Year-End Maintenance Highlights
25,500 lbs. of Trash Removed In District
16,325 lbs. of Leaves Collected
333 Incidences of Graffiti Removed
508 Incidences of Debris Reported/Removed

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   As part of our efforts to enhance Downtown San Leandro, the San Leandro Improvement Association provides routine sidewalk maintenance seven days-a-week. Members of our dedicated maintenance crew perform a range of daily services from curb-to-property front sidewalk cleaning to plaza beautification and enhancement, all within the boundaries of our district. Furthermore, our maintenance crew operates in an observe-and-report capacity, providing supplemental  district security in conjunction with the San Leandro Police Department.

     All in all, members of our maintenance staff and their specified duties are intended to enhance the experience for Downtown residents and visitors alike. The crew is easily identified by their bright red uniform shirts, hats and green safety-vests; which include the logo of the San Leandro Improvement Association.

SLIA Daily Maintenance Routes

 To report a maintenance issue in the public right-of-way, please call 510-281-0703.

To report an emergency, please call 9-1-1.

For in-district questions or concerns, please contact Officer Joe Camarillo (Sun-Wed.) or Officer Warren de Guzman (Wed-Sat.)