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The San Leandro Improvement Association has three different committees that are each responsible for focusing on specific areas of enhancement in the downtown district.


District Identity and Streetscape Improvement Committee (DISI)

The DISI committee focuses on actively curating and managing the identity of Downtown San Leandro. As part of a comprehensive marketing strategy, the DISI committee seeks to promote the district through consistent branding, the enhancement and greening of public spaces, community-based special event organizing, and media relations outreach.

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Sidewalk, Operations, Beautification & Order Committee (SOBO)

The SOBO committee oversees the daily maintenance operations of the community-benefit district as well as implements initiatives that are designed to enhance the beauty and safety of the Downtown San Leandro. Apart from directing maintenance operations for the district sidewalks, the SOBO committee also contracts with the San Leandro Police Department to commit an officer to the Downtown area 7 day-a-week to ensure Downtown San Leandro remains a clean and safe environment for all.

Land Use

Land Use Committee

The Land Use Committee focuses on collaborating with existing and prospective property owners to not only establish a sense of continuity between new projects and the existing character of the downtown, but also serves as a valuable mechanism for community feedback on new developments. Additionally, the Land Use Committee advocates on behalf of the community in matters pertaining to the overall pedestrian experience of Downtown San Leandro, prioritizing initiatives that encourage walking and/or biking in our downtown area.


Nomination Committee

The Nomination Committee is lead by the Board President and at least two sitting Board Members. The Committee ensures that nomination applications are sent to all property owners in the District on an annual basis, reviews nominations for eligibility, and makes recommendations to the Board of Directors at the annual reorganization of the Board in November of each year.

Meeting Agendas Agendas

November 3, 2020 Nomination Agenda


Executive Committee 

The Executive Committee only meets as needed to deliberate on matters internal to the San Leandro Improvement Association.

2017 Committee Meeting Packets




2019-2020 Committee Meeting Packets





Sept 3, 2020 Exec Comm Agenda

Oct. 1, 2020 Exec Comm Agenda

November 5, 2020 Exec Comm Agenda