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In the coming months, the San Leandro Improvement Association will be overseeing the deployment of 40 Victory Stanley SD-42 steel litter receptacles in and around Downtown San Leandro. The new trashcans are intended to provide adequate accessibility with streamlined availability, placing a receptacle on nearly every notable corner within our downtown to give visitors every opportunity to responsibly dispose of their litter.

A capital investment of this magnitude represents a significant step-up for the San Leandro Improvement Association, as SLIA maintenance employees will be the ones emptying the receptacles daily, a departure from the current City-facilitated service schedule. What’s more, in order to sustain our current operational attentiveness, the SLIA is participating in a pilot program organized by local incubator Pilot City, to prototype a sensor designed to measure and aggregate real-time trashcan capacity data for these 40 new receptacles. Such data will be used to better inform our workload surrounding the servicing of these new receptacles, allowing us to grow operationally smarter and leaner in the execution of our daily maintenance routines.

Overall, the acquisition and installation of these new receptacles demonstrates SLIA’s commitment to providing enhanced amenities to the downtown community as part of our public space development initiative, whether it be tables and chairs or more presentable litter receptacles.

Proposed Downtown Receptacle Placement
Image of Victor Stanley SD-42 Receptacles