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Coming this Spring, the San Leandro Improvement Association will be partnering with the Stepping Stones Growth Center, via the Artful Steps program, to design and mosaic tile 3 concrete planters in Downtown San Leandro. The planters, 12 in all, sit adjacent to E. 14th between Estudillo Ave. and Parrot St., and provide the perfect host to introduce a bit of art into our downtown walking experience. While the SLIA has planned for the tiling of only 3 planters to start, we intend to invite local stakeholders and businesses to sponsor the remaining 9 concrete planters and complete the collection, demonstrating the true grass-roots nature of beautification initiatives.

To this end, each planter will depict a different theme from San Leandro’s past, from Ohlone times to present day, acquainting those interested with San Leandro’s history while also enhancing some often overlooked sidewalk amenities. Overall, the SLIA is proud to be partnering with the Artful Steps Program to improve our downtown aesthetic through a thoughtful, inclusive project such as this one, and hopes those supportive of this program will step forward as a sponsor for the other planters.


If you’re interested in sponsoring a mosaic planter, please inquire via

Mosaic Planter Project Contract
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