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Conveniently situated and easily accessible to the greater San Francisco Bay Area, San Leandro has always been and remains to this day, a smaller city defined by the residents that call it home. Recalling it’s roots all the way back to the years following the California Gold Rush, San Leandro has since then played host to a variety of industries and industrialists, with it’s close proximity to a regional economy inextricably tethering the make-up of it’s residents to that seen throughout the greater Bay Area. This microcosm continues even to this day, as residents of this quaint city continue to reflect the social diversity we value here in the Bay Area. No where is this legacy better demonstrated than in our downtown area; a charming mosaic of shops with beautiful flower-lined sidewalks, bustling public plazas, quaint boutiques and inviting eateries and cafes all with their own unique character. Complimenting this assortment even further is the city’s prevailing cultural past, embedded in the very fabric of local architecture and buildings and enshrined in community events like the century-old annual Cherry Festival. All in all, one doesn’t need to look too hard to discover San Leandro’s vibrant cultural past. But to help shape its exciting future; now that’s an endeavor that takes a community.

Hence, predicated upon the vision of cooperatively enhancing San Leandro’s downtown area, the San Leandro Improvement Association (SLIA), a non-profit 501(c)(3) corporation, was formed. Our Board of Directors consists of property owners, business owners, residents and community members alike who advocate on behalf of the public’s benefit in the areas of local public safety, public space beautification, economic development, and district identity. Our objective is simple: to build a safe, friendly, and vibrant urban experience, welcoming to all, that will propel Downtown San Leandro into a promising future.